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Andrea Bocelli

GM: Can you tell us about your new boat?

AB: I bought it in June this year, selling the used car at the same time; It turned out to be a simple and easy operation thanks to you from Seadreams who found a buyer quickly … A boat is very similar to a house, so it resembles those who live there. It is a means which, thanks to the distribution of spaces, allows the joy of confidence but at the same time respects the need for privacy, offers the possibility of socializing in complete relaxation but also the application in study and concentration.

GM: Finally, if I may, a question about us “insiders” of the sea, maritime mediators, and especially on Seadreams, which as already mentioned you dealt with the sale …

AB: I’m satisfied, everything went according to the contract, without a hitch. Mine was a very positive experience.

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Federica DA

I changed boats this year and was followed by Andrea Dini: professional, always present and helpful, very kind. It was a very positive experience.

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Gianluigi Castelli

Gianluca followed me step by step in the purchase, facilitated the relationship with the seller and followed the improvement work that I deemed necessary with care and professionalism. I have always felt well advised and followed. In summary: professionalism, competence and transparency.

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Fredrik Odsberg

I purchased a yacht through Seadreams. Mr Magini is a true expert and gave professional advise through the entire process. I would be happy to use their services again. Highly recomended.

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Pinuccio Mele

Professionalism, courtesy, availability and commitment are the primary characteristics of this company. “Collaboration” that has lasted since 2006, both for purchases and sales, thanks to their “protocol” and to the information they request to be provided on the boats they deal with, including all the works and improvements carried out, present the boat as if it were theirs, transmitting to the interested parties both great interest and tranquility for the object that is going to be treated. The final result of all this is a purchase and / or a sale in the shortest time at the best price, in total serenity.

Elio Susini

I am really satisfied with how the negotiations went and with the happy conclusion. All with professionalism and punctuality. Thank you.

Roberto Nencioni

Sympathy first, and then professionalism, accuracy in following the seller and the buyer even in the smallest operational details. Last but not least they are also fantastic sea wolves, shown on the field after the sea trial of my former Lurhrs 40.

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Simone Manca

Very smart people. Maximum customer care. Good job.

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Thorsten Schwarzer

I can only really thank you for completing the purchase. It was very professional.

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Giuseppe Santamaria Amato

I bought my DC 12 thanks to them, they knew my needs so well that they told me the right occasion: when I went to see the boat I fell in love with it at first sight. Impeccable assistance at all stages of the purchasing process. Thanks guys you are good.

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Riccardo Italy

Super professional competent and decisive

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Pietro Ghirardelli

Within six months they sold two of my boats!

A very professional agency that has provided highly-qualified support in the different steps of the negotiation process. Read more

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Claudio Barbaglia

A little late but with respect and consideration I am going to say that thanks to Seadreams I have been able to successfully close a negotiation that is giving me good satisfaction. Read more

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Piero Pieruzzi

With Seadreams I sold a boat, I bought another one (a magnificent Platinum 40) and I finally sold the latter as well. Read more

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Luigi Ghisleri

This was the first time I turned to Seadreams and I was completely satisfied. I found in Mr. Magini and Mr. Dini rare professionalism in the world of Italian and foreign brokerage. Read more

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Jacopo Cantu

I would like to start by saying that this is the seventh time I turn to Seadreams to buy or sell a boat, and I can confirm that, having tried other brokers before them, I really found the best I could have wished for. Read more

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Alberto Pasquali

Competence, professionalism and courtesy plus maximum availability to disentangle from the thousand issues that every customer can submit. Read more

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Pietro Ghirardelli

Very professional agency that has provided highly-qualified support in the various stages of the negotiation for the sale of my boat. Strongly recommended!

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Laurentiu Primo

I turned to them for the first time for the purchase of a boat and given their professionalism and courtesy I decided to rely on them for the assistance services

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Stefano Germena

Competent and serious professionals. Above all honest. If you are looking for a boat … first contact them.

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Michele Sardano

The best brokers I have ever met!

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Mario Ricci

Extremely professional and competent!

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Mario Abis

Honest, serious and exquisite people.

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Giovanni e Marina Villafrate

Great professionals!

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